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29 September 2013


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Penny G

I learned to sew on a Singer treadle machine and the seam guide was my buddy. The thread cutter I hadn't notice on my featherweight though. I hope you enjoy your featherweight as much as I have enjoyed mine. I also bought a 301 and both make sewing so great especially when I travel!


I keep looking for one of these. That is all that Karen is using. Where'd you find your little beauty?


I saw this on IG but had to tell you here too how much I love this machine!!! This is my dream machine. I will get one someday, hopefully. I have a Singer 99K from the 50's and the stitches are perfect! These older machines are awesome! So glad you got one and are loving it!!!

Tanya Quilts In CO

I have one just like that! I absolutely love it. I like the minty white color because everyone else seems to have the black ones. Mine is a 1961, what year is yours?


Love your little sewing machine. I've got one just like it with a sweet little case that's the same color. Just after I got it I went and took a class on how to care for it. It's the sweetest sewing machine ever.


I just bought one like this for my mom....if I can bear to part with it ;-) Thanks for the seam guide information. Think my black one has that but didn't realize what it was....need to double check. Have fun stitching on this beauty!


My Featherweight looks identical to yours!
And I love it too!
The seam guide is great but I didn't know about the thread cutter-better get the book out!


I love my little Singer Featherweight -- it's also white -- does a very nice stitch and is so mobile compared to my HSV's -- congrats and happy sewing #!}


Ooh, I love it in white! That would make a great linky party! For all bloggers with Featherweights to blog about theirs!


Congratulations! I love mine!


Hope you've been doing awesome Penny! Woweeeee! It's just stunning! Drooling....


it looks like a great little machine. why don't they make things like that anymore?


My mom's machine has a thread cutter. So handy! I learned to sew on it and still find myself rubbing thread along the back of that little post.


I want one so much and am a little afraid of ebay. People may say perfect condition or case doesn't smell but it may not be true. People lie! Imagine that! There are some bargains on ebay and it's tempting. I don't want to pay a fortune but I don't want to be taken either. My luck I would end up getting a machine that is only good for parts. Are there other good sources besides ebay that you know about.

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