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17 October 2013


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Such a cute little house ~ I think it was in an issue of Stitch (am I right?). I've been meaning to sew one (or three ~ I know my kitties would fight over it) up.
Your kitty looks so sweet in his!


that is adorable. I think the skylights are my favorite part.


LOVE LOVE LOVE! I see a bunny house in my future!!!!


They really do love houses like these. I bought one for my cat (not as nice as yours, obviously) as an apology when the new puppy chewed and destroyed the cat's previous bed. The cat loves it; he spends hours in it every day. Fleece on the inside is bound to be a hit.

katie pedersen

Still my favorite project of yours ever!


How cute! He looks very content




How stinkin' cute is that! But I don't have a cat. Do you think my golden retriever would enjoy one. It would have to be extra extra large. His bed is in an extra big airline kennel. We don't close him in. N


Let's make one big enough for Cooper!

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