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28 October 2013


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yayyy!!! Love it love it! I need to try some of those pins one of these days too! Glad to know that you don't like Mondays either, high five!


Awesome! Thanks.

I'm getting better at Mondays but they still kick my butt a little.

amanda rose

I love this!


now I just need a knife and a spoon... :) LOVELY. Thanks.


Love this fork ~ I've got some ideas!


That is just TOOOO stinkin' CUTE Penny!!! Congratulations on your future of NO Mondays!!!!

Susan Santistevan

Thanks for sharing! So clever.


Oh, this is so cool! It would look great in the kitchen too! Thank you.


f-a-b-u-l-o-u-s Penny, I love it!! Just printed off the pattern. What do you use fork pins for? I have never even heard of them. I am thinking a hot pad with a fork on it would be very cute too. Thanks so much for being so lovely as to share your pattern with us all. And I'm with you on the Mondays - I try really hard to make that my definite one day at home to sew. xx


thanks, penny! it's adorable.


SO cute!!! (As usual!)


Oh that is such a cute pattern! It would be perfect for placemats too!

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