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10 December 2013


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Pat S

It's perfect!


Adorable! It looks like the perfect addition to your kitchen.


I love it! I would love to try to make one. And then I'll want your shelves, books, and dishes too!


I love it! So cute :)

Erin Myone

That mini is so sweet! I love it. I want one!


Such a fun and beautiful quilt, Penny. You have an incredible patience to piece it. Isn't great that we all are different and with different styles? We all make unique quilts!


I love the quilt and I love the cookbook Classic Indian Cooking that is in your bookcase! Good food, good quilting


Wonderful! and yes, I want to make one!

Kathleen O'Grady

So cute! You did a great job. I would love to make one but I don't think I have that much talent.


It's so cute! I'm soooo hesitant about posting mine!!! I've never been part of such a talented group of ppl!!! I love ur mini!!!

Sigrid Golnik

I would love to make one of these - especially the jars. It is beautiful!


Oh my gosh! You have created the most perfect representation of you. It's awesome! I'd love to see an illustration of this because it's adorable. You are a winner, Penny!


This quilt is so sweet ~ love the little embroidered detail sparkles! Really wonderful!


This is awesome Penny! I love all the kitchen items (especially the silverware) and the extra sparkle of each thread is a fabulous touch. This Aurifil set has some really pretty colors!


I would LOVE to make one of these :) So cute!

Kristin S.

Those last two photos! I want to live at your house. *sigh.*

Susan Santistevan

Penny! This is just perfect! It IS so Penny, just the way I like it. I would like the measurements for the mini, and I did purchase the patterns already from Sew-Ichigo. Christmas sewing is going on around here for sure. Thank you so much for sharing your talent with your readers!


Love it, Penny!


I want to make this! I love Penny's paper piecing patterns.


I would love to make this, it is great!!!!

Diana @ Red Delicious Life

Such a cute mini! If you had a pattern or tutorial, I'd definitely try to make one!


This was the favorite of mine from all the mini quilts in the hop I just looked at. I would love to make one for my kitchen. Too sweet.


I would love to make one of these! It is so pretty!

Jenn J

I'd love to make this for my sis!


This is adorable! I want to make one for myself!


I'd really like this design, and would love to make it for my Mom.


Penny, I love it! I've been out of the loop for quite a while now, but I'm feeling somewhat settled here in South Africa. Sooooo, I'm FINALLY getting my sewing/blogging "juices" flowing again; and stopping by to behold the beautiful fruits of your labor is a refreshment to my eyes and a blessing to my heart. :-)


The whole reason I clicked over is I was hoping you would share your pattern!

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