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22 December 2013


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Great idea. I use my ipad, a lot, too!


Love you pocket design. I made one too. Especially for reading in bed.


I love it! I would absolutely buy a pattern, too. I must have gifts on the brain, but these would make great presents. Well done!


Do I ever need one of those to hold my IPad! Are you going to offer a tutorial for the iPad users? It would be a help to many, I'm sure. Great invention!


How did we get by without these gadgets?
I really like how you have incorporated Ayumi's book into your design.


Aren't you the clever one! It's perfect


I totally be up for a tutorial or a pattern. I've soooo been wanting one of these.


Oh yes, you are one 'clever girl'! If I had an ipad, I would want a pillow for it as well. Have a very happy holiday...see you next year.


This reminds me of a lap writing desk I had when I was a kid - I would snuggle in bed and do my homework - this looks like a 21st century version of that!


I can't stop thinking about your ipad pillow. I definitely need one of those as well. I may use your idea as a starting place. Ours is in an otter box to protect it in the hands of my kids. A sleeve would not work but perhaps I can come up with an alternative. Thank you for the perpetual inspiration. PS. love the pjs.

Jenny Bonynge

Love that last photo of you in your jammies!!!!


Great iPad 'booster' . Wanted to wish you a happy new year!!!

kathy jacobsen

what a brilliant idea! i would love it if you made a pattern. what did you stuff with? thanks again for the inspiration ;)


Well.... how smart is THAT! Brilliant!

Tori Smith

Love your PJs...and the ipad cushion :-)

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