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13 June 2014


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Penny, I LOVE your trailers! I just created my first paper pieced Scotty trailer! Mine is not nearly as whimsical as yours! I love the appliqued treatment and fun colors. BRAVO!


That quilt suits you to a T!

jeanne e.

oh my gosh. that is too freaking cute. love it! it has such charm with the great "summer" feeling fabrics. :)


I love it. :) My favorites are the ones with curtains in the windows, haha.


How adorable! The cutest camping quilt ever!


So darling, especially with your kitty in the folds!


"SEW" adorable!

Katie MangoHands

Penny!!!!! I love this so much!!! I hope you realize just how good this is. You are a rockstar. And I'm only a little bit mad at you for taking away the couch at MSS. XO


So cute!

Anjie Chapman

I love this. Is there a pattern available?

Valerie Reynolds

This is the cutest quilt I have seen in a Lonnnnggggg time! It's absolutely adorable! I love your quilting on it too!


Best quilt ever!!! Yes, is there a pattern?


love this love this LOVE this Penny!! I am so far behind on my Bloglovin' blogs, and I'm so happy this post was waiting for me, it's just fabulous. Cat xx


It's just so cute!! LOVE IT!


Penny, your glamping quilt is just too perfect!!! I love all the appliqu├ęd campers in the variety of fabrics. FYI, I just ordered the Vantastic book on your recommendation. It's being shipped from the UK so I might have to wait a little while ;-)


Cute caravans! My Grandparents used to have one like this. Great memories of my childhood.


Yes, is there a pattern?


I love this! Such a fun quilt!

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