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29 August 2014


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Wow -- it looks beautiful Penny -- Congratulations!!!


Beautiful! Congratulations! I have never paper pieced before but I'd like to learn. I look forward to seeing your book in person.

Hannah's nonny

Wow, LOVE the viewfinder block. I hadn't thoight of those in years. Thanks for the memory.
Your book looks quite fun and intriguing.


Penny, congrats! I'm sure the book is awesome! The sneak-peak blocks look so interesting!


looks amazing Penny! congratulations!!


Congrats! Looks fantastic! Cindy

Heidi @ Fabric Mutt

This looks absolutely fantastic!! Well done!!!


That looks awesome! Congratulations!!! I added it to my wish list (which someone in my family will hopefully see before Christmas, hehehe)...


Congratulations - your book looks fantastic Penny! Especially love the Viewfinder block - so awesome!


Pennnnyyyyyy the pile of booooooks!!!! And the BBQ grill. The sewing machine. The bath. The view-finder! The frying pan! Oh I love ALL your new designs so much! I've pre-ordered a few weeks ago on Amazon already, and I cannot even wait to see you at QuiltCon and do your class, wahoo! Congratulations on what is most definitely a gorgeous book, full of must-sew projects and patterns. Cat xx

Tiffany R.

I love the sewing machine block!! Way to go on your book!!


Oh how wonderful, you made a book! I am off to preorder it now.

Carol H.

It looks amazing, Penny! Congratulations!! I'm looking forward to finding a copy in my Christmas stocking. The Viewfinder Toy is my favorite!


So exciting!!! I've got mine on order! January is a long way off but I'm glad it's not coming till then ~ I've got so much to be getting done and I wouldn't get anything done if I had the book now!


Kudos to you!!!!


I love everything!! Congratulations!

Karen Howe

Congratulations on YOUR book! HOORAY for you. How exciting for sure :) You are very talented and now more and more will have the chance to be inspired to create.
Karen H.


congrats! i cannot wait to see it in person!

Janet Moilanen

Congratulations on your wonderful book! The viewfinder is awesome!

Joanne Dean

Penny your book looks amazing! Congratulations! I wonder how I might get a signed copy? hahaha

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