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12 November 2014


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Patricia C

I like Bella Suede. Fist because my granddaughter's name is Bella and I love blue and purple. They have some wonderful fabric colors.

Patricia C

Teje Karjalainen

H! I'm so happy you showed these Fabrics because the Island Breeze really speaks to me - it's my favourite at the moment! I love the colours and the painted style! As I Live now in a big island of Crete and Greek clours inspire me, I would love to make a small quilt with these. I would add white to show well the beautiful colours. Pattern would be improvised at the moment I work (as I often do). Sunny wishes from Finnish woman living in GREECE! x Teje

Neva Asinari

I would make a wall hanging with Luxury Essentials. I'm currently on Instagram and will start a blog in the next few weeks once I finalize a name.

Penny G

I love Island breeze, but don't pick me because my skills aren't up to the task. The fabric is amazing and I will look for it next time I am shopping for the perfect quilt.

MJ Snyder

The luxury essentials are just that! Such rich and deeply saturated colors. They would make a great foundation for some modern...have to wait and see what I would do with it, improv for sure.

Gene Black

I love the Island Breeze, the colors are a split rainbow (half is a cool, the other half is warm.) I would love to make a wall quilt either following the idea of a ROYGBIV quilt set in black, or maybe do some fun abstract butterflies. Either would be great to decorate the church Youth Room.


My choice would be the Islamd Breeze grouping. I'm working on an EPP La Passacaglia quilt and these fabrics would work very well in it.

Penny D

OK that is a hard one because there was something I liked about them all. But if I had to I would pick island breeze and it would have to be a quilt or a wall hanging or that would really go together in some kind of summer dress or top. sorry my mind just does that sometimes. GOD bless


Fontaine is so beautiful. My sister's favorite color is purple, and I would love to make a quilt for her. She just moved into a new home. I didn't even know I had a sister until 8 years ago! I want to do something special for her. Thanks for the opportunity.


Oh, I really like Fontaine! Since I sew mostly handbags and small accessories I would make a cute little bag with it :) Cindy

Patti S

Blissful Moments is really catching my attention. I would love to make something with this collection. The colors and patterns are so eye catching.

Jennifer Dyrdahl

I'm loving the Island Breeze and wishing I was on an island right now! (As I shovel out here in MN!)


Bella Suede gets my brain percolating, and I love the richness of the colors. So that's what I'd pick.

Joy Gunter

Island Breeze contains all of my favorite colors. Not sure what pattern I would use but would love to be able to make this a project for my brand new quilting machine n


I love the Island breeze, BUT, I think I would like to try some paper piecing with the Luxury Essentials. Thanks for the chance.


Love Blissful Moments ~ those flowers are wonderful!
I'd make a market bag ~ it's called Apple Cider Market Bag by Pink Chalk ~ I'd use the rose on one side and the purple on the other! I can see it made up already!!!
Thanks for the chance!

Diane Beavers

Penny. I'm in! Island Breeze , please as the bright cheerful colors are speaking loud. I would make two skinny table runners, one in a spinning block possibly, and the other box in a box type pattern. These colors will definitely liven up the table in my reading space and vacation home at the beach.
Thank you Penny and P&B for the opportunity to partake.

Judy Cinerari

I would love to use the Luxury Essentials line to make a carry all nappy bag for more gorgeous daughter who is having her first baby next year. I think it would make a very special bag for my first grandchild.

Ruth Stark

I would like to make the Bella Suede into a road trip pillow....all nice and soft and cuddly!

Kyle Oberting

I absolutely love the "Island Breeze" line of fabric. After adding a bit of white on white fabric to the collection, I would make a beautiful quilt for our home's sunroom. Did I mention that it would actually be snowing outside while I am cuddling up with this beautiful quilt on those nonsunny inside days? A quilter has to dream!


I really like Island Breeze. So pretty. N


I love the zingy bright Island Breeze. Reminds me of holidays and would make fab place mats


The Island Breeze collection would be perfect for a mini quilt and matching doll (one like this https://flic.kr/p/oNLD6f)

Nakisha Juarez

Fontaine! For my rice therapy packs.


I would choose Fontaine. My girls love those colors!

Michele Timms

This is not an easy choice... Love them all!! I'm thinking that Island Breeze would make a pretty lap quilt. Thanks for the chance!!!

Melinda Kiefer

I really like Fontaine. I think I would make some pillows.


The luxury essentials appeals to me. I've been wanting a to make a Dresden plate with rich solids and wild prints. The metallic glints are gorgeous!

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