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05 November 2014


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I'm literally drooling over this book! Thanks for the chance to win a copy!


This book looks like a must have for every modern quilter!


your Blurred Vision is pretty good.

Debbie Leschisin

This looks like a great modern quilting book. Thanks for the chance to win. I really like your quilt, simple colors, nice and bold with really cool quilting on it!


These quilts definitely make you look twice. Beautiful and so creative.


This book looks amazing- thanks for the chance to win!

Gene Black

I rarely want a quilt book as I prefer to design my own quilts. But this is very intriguing and I do want this book!


Great looking book! Thanks for sharing and for a chance to win!

Lindsey F

Optical illusions looks like a fun way to play with fabric and design.

Jessie Hansen

Melissa has made me excited about this book. I can't wait to see her creation tomorrow.


Haha. Love those dangling feet on the cover. (The quilt is pretty neat too. )

Quilting Tangent

Love the effect optical illusions have, wonderful quilts.

Shelley S

Oh I love optical illusions. The possibilities are endless. I see myself making every one of these quilts for my girls. It is modern quilting at it's best.


Wonderful opportunity...thanks for offering it!


These modern quilts are amazing, so different and unique. I would love the book.


I like the simplicity of your design. The quilting really adds to the illusion too.

Mary D

I love optical illusion quilts. So much depth is created with often simple techniques. This book would be a treasure in any modern quilter's library.


Wow! Sounds like a great book. I'd love to win. Keeping my fingers crossed. 8-)


Love the designs!

Shelley S

Oh so fun. The possibilities are endless with different color combinations. Illusions are so great.

Susan Santistevan

This is a really cool book Penny! I am loving these collaborative books, that bring so much talent together to share ideas and inspiration. Exciting times.

Melissa H.

This looks like a fun and unique book!


That 3D Diamonds quilt looks amazing - so clever! Thanks for the chance to win.

Ramona Putnam

Blurred Vision has so many possibilities! Great job.

pam w

I have done one illusion quilts and plan to do more

Lisa Marie

Yes, I definitely like what I am seeing. This looks like a great book!




This book looks awesome! Thanks!


It's not the typical quilt book, and I like that! Hoping for a win. :-)

Karen Seitz

I like Blurred Vision just as much as the other quilts you've shown, and the fact that it is easy to lay out and piece makes it even better. What a cool effect!

becky m

Very cool quilt! Nice work!

Ruth Stark

What stunning designs! Great work!

Elizabeth Bolton

I've had my eye on this book for awhile now - there are so many possibilities with these designs - cool stuff!!

I enjoy your blog and appreciate the chance to win the book!

Anne D

The quilts are amazing!
Thanks for the chance to win.

Megan @ Sew Stitching Cute

This book looks so amazing and I am hoping one way or another I get my hands on this book! I live in Kansas City and this is even more of an inspiration since it is so close to home! Eek! P.S. I dig your quilt just as much as theirs... I love your colors too!


Oh my goodness, this is amazing. It's like those 3-D books I used to read as a kid.


Since I was just at the eye doctor on Monday, your quilt makes perfect sense to me, I really like it. Everything I have seen so far looks amazing.

Jen Beatty

Love the quilt you made and this book looks like I need to have it in my collection!

Brittany B

These are amazing looking quilts!! I would love to try my hand at some of them.


I saw your quilt somewhere else and loved it! I am so glad I found out about this book.

Jeri Niksich

I am in awe at some of these "3D" quilts I've been seeing, hopefully one day I'll be good enough to give one a try. Especially a Bargello.

Diane Beavers

Blurred Vision is well, blurred. I thought it was my cataracts when I first peeped at it this A.M.
3D Diamonds is way cool:)
Thanks for the preview and the generous giveaway of the Optical Illusions book.

Neva Asinari

These are beautiful books. Can't wait to see the book!


These are amazing looking quilts. Love to try one of them.

Janet Moilanen

The book looks great - I'd like to see more of it!


Would love to add this book to my quilting library.

Ginny Worden

All the quilts are impressive, I envy you the ability to design something like that, me I'm a good consumer, buy the book, the fabric and start sewing. My hat is off to you and the other designer's in this great and interesting book.

Allison C

Looks like cool quilts!


I am enjoying blog hopping and seeing everyone's favorite picks from the book!
It looks like a winner.

Carissa G

What an awesome book!

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