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24 November 2014


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Lee @ Freshly Pieced

This is the first I've heard of this, and all I can say is: Ugh. But thanks so much for mentioning it! : )


Thank you for bringing this to my attention. It might complicate sales of digital patterns for sure, but maybe there is a high threshold before one must register.


Unless you're turning over £81,000 I don't think you need to be VAT registered so it shouldn't affect anything as you can't claim it back otherwise, plus your customers probably don't need you to be VAT registered unless you're selling A LOT to a company also turning over £81,000.... unless I'm wrong? That's my current understanding of VAT


No fun. Will this be in addition to the US sales tax ?

Vivienne Wells (@Vivebooks)

Over here in the UK small digital businesses are very worried about this. It has been brought in to prevent large companies setting up in EU countries with low VAT taxes so as to avoid tax. However, the people who will actually suffer are the small businesses who sell digital products to Europe.

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