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16 January 2015


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I love the Port City line. The patterns and colors would make a great guy quilt!

Diana C

I really like the bright sapphire blue in Zenith but Color Weave is my fav collection. It just looks so fresh - makes me ready for spring!

Karen H

They are all really lovely, but my favorite is Silvia's Sonnet. Thanks for the chance to win!


The Color Weave Medley you chose is really versatile. I think I like the White on Whites range for the same reason - great stash builders that work with anything.

Lisa Lee

Oh my gosh! I love the tomatoe prints! love Love Love them! Thanks for the chance to win!

Patricia C

I like the Dash, for the colors and understated design.

jeanne e.

port city is neat, but i really like zenith. :) thanks for the chance to win some lovely fabric!


I love the color weave and zenith. Being a gardener, the tomatoes are great!


Love the texture/depth of the colour weave

Christina L.

It was between Interplay and Color Weave Soft brights. But if I had to choose just one, I would go with Interplay. Very whimsy.


There are lots that I like but I have to go with Still Life. I am attracted to those grayish hues with that creamy beige color. Not sure what I would make but I like it.


I like the Port City line - they would make a great guy quilt!!


Zenith is my favorite - thanks.


I like the buildings in the Port City line, especially the black and white ones. Thanks for a chance to win.

Marjorie Nath

I really like the monochromes in fresh picks, but if I had to choose just one line, it would be Color Weave Medley

Michele Timms

Wow! So many awesome fabric collections... my favorite is the Peas with the white background in the Fresh Pick collection, soooo sweet and my favorite garden vegetable too!!


I am in desperate need of some blenders, so winning my favorite, Color Weave Medley, would be fantastic! Thanks for the opportunity!


the Art Glass collection is beautiful!


Love Port City, but first choice would have to be Fresh Pick - colors and artwork too fun to pass up.

Elaine McMichael

I am really liking the color weave & zenith collections with the color weave being my favorite! Thanks! Elaine


I like them all, but my favorite is Zenith. Great colors and lots of possibilities.

Elizabeth Bolton

That Port City line is really appealing - so graphic!!! Just my style!!



Fresh Pick is my favorite, but Art Glass is a close second. Thanks for the giveaway! Love P&B.


I love the colours in Zenith, but those Color Weaves are great! Thanks for offering this giveaway:-)


I really like the texture of Zenith.


Gorgeous fabrics. The Fantasy Garden fabrics are my favorite, what beautiful colors!

Jeanne Cupertino

I've just taken a leap into EPP, so Fontaine is really drawing my eye. At the same time, I love the Color Weave Medley, because nothing beats an amazing basic.j


Love the zenith line. I think I need several in my stash

Lindsey F

Color Weave is great for stash basics. I also like the Zenith line for the same reason.

Dawn Jones

I have to say Still Life. It was a hard decision though because I really liked so many. Have a wonderful day!


Ooooh, I love textured solids, so Color Weave is actually my favorite! :)

Jill of Apple Avenue Quilts

I think my favorite would be the Color Weave Medley. They seem like great blenders.


I really like Port City, very modern. But I fell for Color Weave Medley; such a lovely selection of colors and I love the woven look. Thanks for a chance to win a lovely bundle of fabric.


Love the Port City Collection. The Colour Weave Collection would be a perfect blender fabric.

Bev Longford

Really like Color Weave Medley, but Fantasy Garden is the one I love, could be the white world I live in. Bev Longford


I really like the dash collection. Nice stash builders!


I love the dash collection. Really nice stash builders!

Emma Cutler

Being a chef Fresh Pick appeals to my two loves in life food and sewing!

Lee Anne

Fizz...love the fabric and the name! These types of fabrics are the kind I like to collect....you can use them with so many things.


I really like the Zenith collection. Thanks for the chance to win!

Vicki H

My favorite is Zenith, they are great blenders.

Sandy K

Toss up between Zenith and Color Weave Medley.

Heather S

I love the color weave meadly, it's just simply gorgeous!

Penny G

Port city - great for a man's quilt and I need some of that in my stash.


LOVE Fresh Pick! I can see a pretty picnic blanket in my future!


Port City is very cool...finally a great line for an older boy!

Diane Beavers

ALL 20 OF Color Weave Medley.
I've been searching for a linen look to add to several of my zipper bags and quilts too...this is it! Usually I'm all about anything bright, like Zenith...my second favorite from P&B.
Thank you Penny, enjoy all that snow!


That's a tough choice. I love the zenith best.

Terrie McAloney

Color weave is my favourite... it can see making circles that interlocks with various colors.

janet moilanen

Zenith is great! Another really nice choice would be Dash.

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