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28 April 2015


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My summer plans include lots of time at the pool! I have already had vacation this year, so no more of that.

Tracy Hansen

We are going to Japan!! It will be our first time out of the country.

lisa-Marie Dekker

Oh hi! I don't have big plans for the summer yet. The 28th of may we're going to Germany for a week with a couple of friends. And hopefully at the end of the summer we'll go to Greece for a week or something, we don't know what island yet. My boyfriend just started his new job today, he's been unemployed for more than 6 months. So that's why we don't have a lot of plans for summer yet(!). Yay for jobs!
Love, from the Netherlands

Jessica P.

I will be working on my house this summer with my husband. We have a fence that needs staining, window sills to paint, and a garage to paint. In between all of that work, I am sure that we will do so fun things with the kiddos. We have a zoo trip planned for this Friday. Thanks for the chance.

Barbara Bailey

This summer we will be doing a bathroom remodel and installing new windows on the house! Yech


Nothing too exciting as my son isn't great to travel with, but I'm planning on spending lots of time out doors with picnics am maybe some trips to te beach :)

Gene Black

The only two real plans I have for summer are:
Visit my Nana on the Florida gulf.
Attend a weaving retreat in the Georgia mountains.

gigi voegeli

We are planning a visit to the west. Love the scenery. Thanks!


I don't have summer plans yet, other than hopefully going to an amusement park.

Julie in GA

I am going to be spending some time with my mother after she has surgery.


This could make a bag for my summer road trip to Santa Fe with my sister and brother.

Emily k

Family reunion this summer! (Love this bundle!)


We haven't decided what our summer plans are yet. We might go to Colorado. That's our favorite place to visit. We have to get on it because it's coming up soon.


Beautiful fabric! We're going to Monterey for our anniversary,.


I'll be working in the garden and on the house! Thanks for the chance!


We are planning a cross country road trip out west.

Michelle Olsen

My summer plans are to complete the remaining 19 baby quilts as fast as possible. I've finished 14 so far this year, but lately have been distracted by embroidery, table runners, EPP, and attempting crochet (poorly! lol) Thanks for the chance to win! mto2golsen at gmail dot com


Super giveaway, thank you!

Our plans are some beach time with the family and some sunning and pool time to fill in the gaps....and, always some quilting and sewing time!


English Paper Piecing outside and camping!


Can't wait to celebrate my son's wedding this summer on the beach in Michigan! I've got a great idea for wall hanging with skylines of both their "home" cities at top and bottom, and the middle one Chicago, where they are living!


I'm spending the summer doing lots of sewing and quilting--hopefully with the fabric I win here! Also, I'm going to try to visit my Dad in Texas, haven't seen him since moving to Washington five years ago!


We usually spend a couple of months fishing on the coast, however this summer we may stay closer to home. I love to "camp" in my 5th wheel so I'm sure we will load up and just take off on some adventures.


We're going to Maui and to Las Vegas. Can't wait!

Beth T.

My niece is a traveling nurse and she has taken a job near us, so we'll have lots of fun adventures--we're going to explore the area, see all the sights, and also enjoy the pleasure of her company here at home. Bliss.

Penny G

Summer this year will be taking care of the grandkids and the garden. Retirement means we travel in the spring and fall so people with the limited travel time can get their vacations in.

Carla S

My summer plans are to go to Florida and Maine.


We have a wedding in FL next month, but otherwise no major plans!


I don't have any plans set in stone yet but I will be very disappointed if I don't make it to the beach this Summer! Thanks for the chance to win!

Vicki H

I am getting a visit from my mom and sister in June I am really looking forward to.

Becky T

I am going on a road trip!!!

Sandy K

I hope to go to the lake as often as we can on weekends.


Hi, hope to spend as much time as possible in my kayak and at the cottage.

Dot H

I hope to see a lot of my grandkids this summer.


My summer plans involve folk festivals and home renos.

Sandy g

I'll be hiking in the mountains :)


I'm going home to Washington for a few weeks to visit my family- hurray!!


A visit to the Festival of Quilts in Birmingham and hopefully moving to a new house! Thanks for the giveaway


My summer plans are to go to NC and play. My sister and niece live up there and we are going to the cabin and drive around the mountains. I am sure I can find a quilt shop or two to visit also.

Monika Efurd

I will be working all summer and taking my daughter to swim lessons. We just bought a house! So I have the evenings to set up my sewing room and get back Into my quilting! !♡

Sharon T

I plan on making quilts all summer long!

Michele Timms

We are planning to tent camp and be a camp host for a week at a national park in our area... It will be our first time hosting, so we are excited!!! Love this collection of fabric too!!!


We moved 2 years ago to a beautiful area surrounded by mountains -- and I have yet to hike any of them. This summer, I plan to stat hiking!


I havent got any plans for summer. Life has been a bit up and down so plans have been thrown out of the window. I love these prints.

Sue H

My summer starts by taking my mother to her 60th college reunion in PA!! We live in IL. It is the 1st weekend in June and she looks forward to her reunions every 5 years. It gives her a chance to catch up with her friends and a great excuse for a road-trip for me. Look out quilt stores on the way!!!!

Camille M

Family reunion, girls' camp and sending my son to college will be my activities this summer and of course lots of sewing. Thanks for the giveaway. Camilke@focus20.com

Jeanne Cupertino

My plans for the summer are to simply enjoy time with my family, and to get some quilting projects done.

Magdalena Detz

I'm going to spend summer holiday in Italy again. This time in the area of the big Italian lakes. I love the country, people, weather, food..


I would love to walk on the sand in a beach.


What cheery fabric!
We are going to California for my brother's wedding. Should be fun.

Happiest Camper

Pretty fabric! I live in an RV full-time, so I plan to chase cooler weather for the summer. Phoenix is H-O-T!

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