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20 July 2015


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Barbara Long

I love Ripple in the Green and blue - and would I love to win this book - I have checked out from my public library so much, they have almost banned me !

Mary on Lake Pulaski

My favorite Rain Way print is Reflect in blue.


I really like Ripple :)


Ooh it was hard to choose just one, I think reflect in blue is my favourite

Jessee M

My favorite print is Swell! I like in both colors and think it's perfect for quilts, clothes, pouches and so so so much more!

Lynn F

I love the Sprinkle print best for sure! It evokes that light rain in puddles look.


Tumble in Navy! I think it'll be perfect with some fabrics from my stash.
And I've seen already a few projects form the book and they all look great!


I'm crushing on "Ripple" in EVERY color!

Jen Shepherd

I love the blue ripple.


ripple in all the colors


Too many to choose from... But it has to be green sprinkle..


Drizzle in both colors makes me so happy! But really, the whole line is fabulous!

Agnes Stadler

It is hard to choose just one favorite, but maybe the Drizzle in blue/green is the one I like best!
The book is fabulous too!

Penny G

My favorite print is drizzle is blue.


my favorite is coral ripple.

mindingmomma at aol dot com

crafty gramma

I just love both of the Tumble prints: in navy and gold. yum!


I love tumble in all the colours, especially navy. And I LOVE all of Anna's patterns


I love the ripples!

mary s

I love the gray ripple. Well, and also all the navy prints.


Ripple in gray. Mmmmm!


I love the orange fabric with the leaves. It is all so simple and really nice.

Arlene Stream

They are all so interesting but I think the Reflect or Drizzle in blue are the best!


I love the blue drizzle!

Lesley Griffel

I like drift in pink!


The Sprinkle print in gray is so subtle. I think it would make a great summer skirt -- and I would line the pockets with Swish in orange for a surprise!

Sarah N

I love the tumble in navy, thanks for the giveaway!

Allison C

Love the ripple in navy


My favorite is reflect in blue.


I love Ripple in navy. It's such a fun print.


Sprinkle in green is my favorite, but they are all great prints.


I'd have to say a Ripple in navy, although I love the grey Also. And I'm thrilled in comes in canvas!


Reflect Blue!! What a great design.

Christina B.

Wow!thanks for the amazing giveaway! Your case looks awesome by the way! I love all of the ripples but also the blue swell :)


Ripple coral is my favorite.


I love the drizzled in blue love that word and the fabric. Great giveaway thanks

Marcela D

I love the Swell in blue!

Mary Ann

I love Tumble in Gold and Ripple in Navy, not sure I can narrow it down anymore!

Linnea Varner

I just bought Rain Walk Swell canvas in yellow! Would love to win the giveaway. Anna's patterns are great!

Nancy C

I am drawn to Reflect in blue, but they are all great.


Coral ripple!!


Drizzle in blue

Sandy A in St. Louis

I love tumble in blue. It reminds me of fireworks and summer.

Gene Black

I really like Swish, but I wish it came in Navy - so I am going with Ripple in Navy.

Karen H

I love tumble, in both the navy and the gold. The book looks great! Thanks for the chance to win!


They are aLl lovely but Drizzle in blue is my fav!


Hi Penny! That's a great pencil case. I like ripple because it gives me an idea for a FMQ design and I like swell because it reminds me of gumdrops. Thank you for the giveaway.


I love Ripple in Coral!


Great giveaway...I love all things coral!

diana c

I just love Anna's gray Ripple. It looks so soft and soothing.

Becky T

Well its between the Ripple and the sprinkle... Think I will go with the sprinkle for that little bitty touch of color in the gray

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